Pack +

Priority to energy savings

Pack + is a set of features specifically designed to generate energy savings.

Gauge and power consumption indication

The Energy Saving Trust organisation (EST) recommends an adjustment of the setting temperature control down by 1°C to save up to 10% of your energy bill.
> Thanks to its automatic selector, the heater indicates the level of energy consumption by positioning itself in front of a color : red, orange or green.
In this way, depending on the active operating mode and the temperature set, you can now situate your energy consumption level snapshot beside the recommendations of EST.

> The heater has an energy meter allowing it to display an estimate amount of energy that it consumes in kWh.

Opened window detection

> The device automatically proceeds to a temperature lowering cycle by switching to frost protection mode during aeration of a room.

7 day and daily programme - Living rooms

> 2 types of use:
- Weekly programme integrated the heater will alternate the Comfort and Eco temperature periods depending on the programme you have selected for each day of the week :

 3 programmes with pre-programmed modifiable hours :
P1: 1 Comfort period
P2: 2 Comfort periods
P3: 3 Comfort periods

7 day and daily programme - Bathrooms

> 2 types of use to programming Comfort priods in the bathroom:
- ECO BOOST (priority to savings): the device operates in permanent Eco mode, with Boost during the programmed periods of using the bathroom.
- COMFORT BOOST (priority to comfort): the device operates in permanent Comfort mode, with Boost during the programmed periods of using the bathroom.
Into this 2 modes, the occupancy detection will cause an automatic reduction of the setting temperature, according to the usual lowering steps.
> In ECO BOOST and COMFORT BOOST modes, you can programme 1 or 2 Boosts per day, and you can customized the Boost start time.

> 7 day programme possible day by day or by group of days (to go faster):
- Each day of the week: from Monday to Sunday.
- On weekdays only: from Monday to Friday.
- The weekend only: Saturday and Sunday.

> Viewing the programmes.

Programmable holidays mode

> Make also savings on your holidays. You can programme an absence period, during which time your room will be protected against the frost. At the end of the absence period, the device will automatically return to initial mode, to find the right level of comfort to your return.
The right temperature all the time, economy savings.

Setting temperature limit

To control energy consumption :
In Comfort mode
 Preset setting temperature to 19°C.
 Limit of the time slot adjustment of the setting temperature.
In Eco mode
 The maximum limit of the setting temperature is 19°C.

Special safety for social and private rental housing

> PIN code locking: the heater is protected by a customized security code which, when activated, prohibits the access to settings reserved for professionals.

Products equipped :

Digital Aloe


Danaïs Slim

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