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A professional team at your service!

Néomitis® is equipped with a co-operative, multidisciplinary team to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Trained and competent individuals, modern technology, meticulous organization, and optimized processes... Our expertise and our commitment to customer satisfaction are there to offer you the quality of service which you deserve.





The Néomitis® team will answer all enquires by e-mail within 24 hours: contactuk@neomitis.com




How we serve you :

 In the field : Our sales team is available for visits to your company, construction sites & design office.
 Confidence in specification : help with the selection of products, offer of a competitive price and comparable performance, clear and comprehensive quotations, the certificates of the standards and the performance of our products, documentation adapted for all types of requirement (brochures, specification records, workbooks, price lists etc...).
 During installation : technical support, installation and operating instructions.
 After sales : help with diagnostics and operating issues.


Our UK based team offers solutions to your particular needs in a responsive and flexible manor in order to build up a strong business partnership.







A partnership based on trust

We believe that it is important to be 100% committed to your needs and to give you the right product for your application by :
 Listening : essential to understanding your expectations and your needs. 
 Providing advice : a competent technical team, qualified and trained regularly.
 Being transparent : all the information that we give to you is to help you understand the products and prices. With this you can compare and make your choice with full knowledge of the facts.
 Responsive : Néomitis® is committed to always answering you. Our team will respond to all questions within 24 hours.
 Easy to work with : we make every effort to simplify our procedures to make your experience as straight forward as possible.


As professionals, our customers know that product reliability is the core to a profitable partnership, so our products come with competitive guarantees :
 10 years on the aluminium alloy heating elements of radiators.
 10 years on hydraulic steel panel heaters.
 5 years on the hydraulic towel rails.
 3 years on domestic hot water heat pumps, 5 years on the tank (excluding the anode).
 3 years on heating controls.
 3 years on electric heaters, and electric or hybrid towel rails.


Néomitis® is committed to building relationships which becoming long term partnerships.
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