Myneo stat
The new, Smart, Autonomous and connected range of Neomitis thermostats.

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Direct connection to the home wifi network

The Myneo Stat range directly connects to an Internet router without the need for additional accessories – helping to make the Internet connection process, quick, simple, and cost-effective.



Myneo Stat Features

The Myneo Stat range is packed full of features that allow its users to intuitively ensure that their home meets their required comfort levels, while saving energy and money.

For example, end-users can control the Myneo Stat via a smartphone, tablet, computer, or by voice when the thermostat is connected to smart speakers (GoogleHome or Amazon Alexa) thanks to the MYNEOMITIS app.



In addition to this, the Myneo Stat has occupancy detection features that allow the thermostat to programme itself around its users’ occupancy patterns.




The Myneo Stat’s open window detection feature will turn off its user’s central heating when a significant drop of temperature is detected, while its dual optimisation feature ensures that the right amount of energy is used to reach a required comfort level.




Also, the thermostat’s power consumption indication allows its users to understand the amount of money that they are spending to keep comfortable.




Additionally, the users of the Myneo Stat can set energy budgets that allow them to keep within an allocated budget...




...while the thermostat’s humidity indication feature allows its users to further monitor the overall comfort levels of their home.






Very versatile and auto-adaptative


And many other features for well-being and energy efficiency.

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