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Interactive instructions for all radiant and panel heaters with an integrated digital thermostat. Internet connection required


Dolmys + EcoSens

Dolmys One + EcoSens


Dolmys One + EcoSens Anthracite grey


Soapstone Dolmys
+ EcoSens

Calianthys Vertical
+ EcoSens


Calianthys Vertical
+ EcoSens Anthracite grey


Calianthys + EcoSens 

Calianthys One + EcoSens

Calianthys One + EcoSens Anthracite grey


Calianthys One Low height + EcoSens

Calianthys +

Calianthys One +

Horizontal Inthys +

Vertical Inthys +

Horizontal Inthys + EcoSens

Vertical Inthys + EcoSens

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