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From April 2018: Boiler Plus legislation
Improve energy efficiency in housing
and preserve comfort

The legislation on heating installations within the UK is changing, and there are several important points which you should be aware of as of April 2018. The new legislation is named Boiler Plus, and has been introduced by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to improve the way many people use energy in their homes by giving them greater choice, greater control, and tangible savings on their energy bills. The new minimum performance standard for combi...
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Remote control of your heating
through voice control

Thermal comfort in all simplicity, within earshot! Voice control is a revolution in every field because it simplifies user’s lives every day. Today, NEOMITIS® is also making it accessible in the heating sector. Indeed, all NEOMITIS® devices, once connected, can now be controlled simply by voice. ... There are so many common operations that you can now do on your heating device, without hands. The device obeys the voice and reacts remotely in the seconds that...
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Neomitis® anticipated the European directive Ecodesign 2018

For years, a strong commitment for energy issues From the outset, sustainable development is at the heart of our concerns. At each product design, we challenge ourselves, seeking to improve and optimize the energy efficiency of our heat emitters. The goal: to reduce the energy bill while preserving the comfort that the user is entitled to demand. Well aware of the constant need to improve energy efficiency in housing, We had already invested almost 10 years ago to develop and master...
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Patented smart blower with extra-slim style for towel rails

Comfort and reactivity of a hot air blower with extra-slim style > Patented innovation: The blower with integrated controller has been patented in Europe. > Extra-slim style, very thin blower, allowing: to maintain a minimum distance between the towel rails and the wall, ideal for small spaces; to integrate harmoniously with the towel rails, the blower is almost invisible, the towel rails aesthetics is preserved. > The towel rails has a controller managing two types of heating:...
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The innovative EcoSens pack

Ecosens²®: 10 innovative features for comfort and lower consumption Seven years ago, Neomitis® launched the EcoSens® technology with its many features that have not stopped evolving ever since. Every year, we are working to complete our feature pack with more and more innovations for comfort and energy savings. A single logic, common sense: we listen to you and take into account each of your comments. Thanks to our advanced software engineering department, we are able...
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Patented wall-mounting brackets for towel rails

This innovative solution has been the subject of an internationally patent and has been designed to overcome the technical and aesthetic constraints of existing wall mounting brackets. The Néomitis® goal : Significantly reduce the installation time of the towel rails to the wall and stregthening security. Why use the innovative wall-mounting brackets Néomitis®? > For their quick and easy installation Time-saving installation : 4 screws in all, one screw per bracket. Simple...
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Innovative "chrome effect"

Aesthetics and Performance preserved Always looking to improve the comfort and protection of the user, we continue our reduction approach of surface temperatures with our new products range "chrome effect" providing the following benefits : > The elegance of the chrome effect fits perfectly in the most stylish bathrooms. > Thermal Comfort optimized. > Significant reduction of the surface temperature. > Adjusted Sizing The size of the heater body is suitable to the...
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EcoSens® Technology

Occupancy detection Due to their frontal infrared sensor, the EcoSens® products detect movement in the room where they are installed and in case of absence, proceed to automatically and progressively reduce the setting temperature in successive steps : energy savings guaranteed. Priorities to energy savings and comfort >With the EcoSens® Technology, get the comfort of a smart central heating which : > Ensures savings on your energy bill : an automatic lowering...
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Patented wall-mounting brackets for radiators

This innovative solution has been the subject of an European patent and has been designed to overcome the technical constraints of existing wall-mounting brackets. The Néomitis® goal : reinforce the security of an installation for the installer and the end user while maintaining an hanging time of radiators with reduced wall. The wall brackets of Néomitis® radiators are steel, their mechanical properties remain constant over time (there is no phenomenon of fatigue and breaking in time, the...
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Smart hydro-electric towel rails with blower

Smart Energy Control: Automatic management for dual-fuel Innovative, unique and precursor, automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower has a revolutionary hybrid system enabling the switching from hydraulic energy to electric energy and vice versa, to offer you optimal comfort by generating energy savings. With a curved design and flat rails, automatic dual-fuel Lamelys with blower brings finesse and distinction in the bathroom where technology and beauty come together for high...
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Interactive vocal instructions Néomitis®

Virtual guide for controlling your heating device > Ergonomic and intuitive, interactive instructions Néomitis® guides you step by step in the use of your device. > Visual and vocal guide to adjust his device in the same time as the demonstration on screen. > Compatible with PC, tablet, smartphone, accessible anywhere, anytime*. > 2 modes: Automatic "follow the guide!" : Learning mode, automatic run of the setting steps. Manual: free mode, test the product...
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Radiator with soapstone heating element by Néomitis®, a patented innovation

The heating element : the soapstone > The soapstone is a very soft stone. It has special physical characteristics, such as: Its high calorific capacity: excellent thermal accumulation compared to its volume. Its very good emissivity coefficient : strong radiant power. > The benefits of soapstone heating element Néomitis® : French manufacturing, automated. High quality: stone specially used for heating applications due to its high temperature...
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Pack +

Priority to energy savings Pack + is a set of features specifically designed to generate energy savings. Gauge and power consumption indication The Energy Saving Trust organisation (EST) recommends an adjustment of the setting temperature control down by 1°C to save up to 10% of your energy bill. > Thanks to its automatic selector, the heater indicates the level of energy consumption by positioning itself in front of a color : red, orange or green. In this way,...
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Patented smart blower for towel rails

Comfort and reactivity of a hot air blower The blower with integrated controller has been the subject of an international patent. Its development, resulting from two years of research, was supported by OSEO Innovation. > The towel rails has a controller managing two types of heating : ambient heating: in comfort mode, heating the room through the towel rails and drying towels; additional heating: for a rapid temperature rise, switching on or of the blower, instant heat. > The...
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