Heating calculator

The Neomitis electric radiator and towel rail calculator removes all the guesswork out of selecting the right radiator size for a room – making sure that it is quick and easy to finalise your purchase whilst ensuring to keep your home/room comfortable.

Simply input your room dimensions and basic information about your property and the Neomitis heating calculator will do the rest by providing you with the total wattage you need to heat your room space.

It is up to you whether you want to buy one radiator, or a combination of different radiator sizes to reach the total required room wattage.

Please note : It is better to round up rather than down as this allows your radiators to use less energy to maintain your required temperatures.

This calculator is based on simple calculations and is an aid in determining the amount of wattage / power required to warm a space. It is recommended that you seek the professional opinion of a qualified electrician before placing your order.

Step 1*
Enter room dimensions



Step 2*
Choose your product type

Step 3*
Enter room details
Is the room north facing?
Insulation type
Does the room have staircase?
Step 4*
Enter your location

*Sections required to progress the heating calculator.

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