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Electric single column radiator with thermal fluid - Calianthys One Low height + EcoSens®

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Calianthys One Low height + EcoSens® in a few words

Thanks to an exclusive and innovative style Calianthys One Low height + EcoSens® fits with all kind of housing.

Radiator single column, narrower than a standard double column radiator, Calianthys One Low height + EcoSens® easily integrates into the living rooms, freeing space for furniture and decoration of your home.

Especially designed for renovation. 430mm high, it can easily fit into a living room positioned under a window for example.

Intuitive, controls are located at the top, combined with a white backlit display ensures perfect legibility of information protected by a translucent cover.

The child safety is integrated in control, no unintentional change is possible when the keypad lock is active.

Pack +: gauge and power consumption indication, opened window detection, weekly and daily program, setting temperature limit, PIN code lock.

EcoSens® technology: occupancy detection integrated.

In new or renovation, Calianthys One Low height + EcoSens® is also recommended for social and private rental housing.


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