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EcoSens® Technology

Occupancy detection

Due to their frontal infrared sensor, the EcoSens® products detect movement in the room where they are installed and in case of absence, proceed to automatically and progressively reduce the setting temperature in successive steps : energy savings guaranteed.








Priorities to energy savings and comfort

>With the EcoSens® Technology, get the comfort of a smart central heating which :

> Ensures savings on your energy bill : an automatic lowering of the temperature avoid unnecessary heating in unoccupied rooms, save money.

> Adapts to your lifestyle : heat the room when necessary, the right temperature all the time.




Second homes, seasonal rentals, social and private landlords

 Make it as savings during long absences to reduce energy spending of your home!

> A tenant has forgotten to turn off the heating before leaving? The EcoSens® products will automatically lower the temperature in periods of long absences and will maintain a frost protection temperature in your system until the arrival of the next tenant.




Products equipped :

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