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Dolmys EcoSens®
Anthracite grey

Smart radiator


Mineral oil filled, wall mounted, energy efficient, electric radiator - Dolmys EcoSens® Anthracite grey

Exclusive style, gentle warmth, performance and energy savings thanks to smart features of the EcoSens Pack

The premium curved body is innovative and attractive, Dolmys EcoSens® Anthracite grey fits perfectly into any style of home. 

Dolmys EcoSens® Anthracite grey includes an advanced airflow design to ensure maximum heat output from each radiator.

Dolmys EcoSens® Anthracite grey includes a concentration of technologies designed for your comfort and to decrease your energy consumption while making your life easier.

Intuitive controls with a white backlit display means that the programme is easy to set and the temperature is easy to read.

Thanks to the auto-programming feature, Dolmys EcoSens® Anthracite grey will automatically adapt with your lifestyle by forecasting your comfort needs and saving money. The dual optimization feature allows you to optimize your programming by favouring comfort or savings.

Child anti-tamper is built into all Neomitis® heaters with control lock to prevent un-intentional changes in set point.

Pack + : Gauge and power consumption indication, open window detection, 7 day and daily programme, setting temperature limitation, keypad lock, rental housing safety : PIN code lock.

In new build or renovation, Dolmys EcoSens® Anthracite grey is recommended for both private and rented accommodation thanks to the occupancy detection and lockable features.

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Lot 20 Ecodesign compliant

For years, a strong commitment for energy issues

From the outset, sustainable development is at the heart of our concerns. At each product design, we challenge ourselves, seeking to improve and optimize the energy efficiency of our heat emitters. The goal: to reduce the energy bill while preserving the comfort that the user is entitled to demand...

Innovation : Connectable to Internet !

Thanks to Myneo Link pilot wire version

Make all the devices of the past connectable to Internet and remotely-controllable ! Change standard products into connected devices

Thanks to the pilot wire version of Myneo Link, you can change the whole of heating appliances with 4 or 6-order pilot wire into connected products...

Control your comfort level with voice commands!

Thanks to MYNEOMITIS, all of our NEOMITIS devices - once connected, can now be controlled simply by voice commands. Talk to the vocal assistant to control your heating devices by voice or even ask questions about your installation. Don’t wait any longer, adopt the voice control feature to simplify your home comfort without lifting a finger!

Innovation: Pack +

Performance and energy savings

The Energy Saving Trust organisation (EST) recommends an adjustment of the setting temperature control down by 1°C to save up to 10% of your energy bill.

> Thanks to its automatic selector, the heater indicates the level of energy consumption by positioning itself in front of a color : red, orange or green...

EcoSens Innovation pack

EcoSens pack: 10 innovatives features for energy savings

Seven years ago, Neomitis® launched the EcoSens® technology with its many features that have not stopped evolving ever since. Every year, we are working to complete our feature pack with more and more innovations for comfort and energy savings.
A single logic, common sense : we listen to you and take into account each of your comments. Thanks to our advanced software engineering department, we are able to modify in real time the products with a maximum reactivity.Retour ligne automatique
For this new heating season, we show you our latest developments, even more innovations, ergonomics and energy savings with the EcoSens²® innovation pack.

Innovation: automatic lock wall-mounting brackets

Easy to install and secure!

This innovative solution has been the subject of an European patenting and has been designed to overcome the technical constraints of existing wall-mounting brackets.

The Néomitis® objective : reinforce the security of an installation for the installer and the end user while maintaining an hanging time of radiators with reduced wall...

Innovation: Interactive vocal instructions

Neomitis assists you step by step in using your device

Virtual user guide for controlling your heater. 

> Ergonomic and intuitive, interactive instructions Néomitis® guides you step by step in the use of your device.

> Visual and vocal guide to adjust his device in the same time as the demonstration on screen.

> Compatible with PC, tablet, smartphone, accessible anywhere, anytime....


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