Cylinder thermostat

Analog cylinder thermostat with bimetallic contact - CTH

Create energy savings and control the hydraulic pipes on your heating and domestic hot water systems
This analog cylinder thermostat is suitable for measuring temperature of heating piping system by contact between pipe and sensing part of the thermostat. It has been designed for surface mounting on pipes of up to 40mm diameter and domestic hot water tanks. It can be used to switch directly a wet central heating circulating pump or boiler, or to operate spring return zone valves. The thermostat is supplied with a bi-metallic strip to increase transmission quality. The metal base of the thermostat makes direct contact with the pipe or the tank. This type of construction provides accurate and repeatable control.
+ Quick and easy to install with 220 mm spring fixing for pipe, 2m fixing cable for HW tank and hooks.

+ Convenient: product with compact style, designed with space efficiency.

+ Suitable for all domestic systems.

+ Surface-mounted.

+ Easy to turn rotary control.

+ Accurate temperature control.

+ Energy savings.


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