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Baltis Radio - Silver grey


Electric radio programmable towel rails with thermal fluid - Baltis Radio

Contemporary style and exclusive single manifold design, comfort of a remote control combined with programming

Thanks to an exclusive and innovative style Baltis Radio fits perfectly in the most luxurious and contemporary bathrooms. The asymmetric profile is ideal for easily hanging bath sheets or towels.


Remote control: control your towel rails without bending down thanks to the programmable room thermostat. Intuitive controls are digital and easy to use.


The instant boost mode is 30 min adjustable, rapidly rises the heat of the bathroom and enables quick drying of clothes or wet towels.


Programmable Boost: til 2 Boost periods per day. Thanks to the weekly and daily programming, you have the choice to optimize the use of towel rails favoring comfort or savings. So that the device adapts to your lifestyle..




For more information, download our documentation

2 hangers provided

Towels and bathrobes pre-heated

- This kit of two ergonomic hangers allow you to easily hang bathrobes and towels on your towel rail heater. Enjoy hot and dry towels right out of the bath without compromising the heating output to the rest of the bathroom.

- Innovative aesthetics: transparent and clean design. Once installed the hangers are virtually invisible.

- Physical Performance: high temperature tested to ensure long life.


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