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Hydraulic Danais

Hydraulic straight tube towel rails - Hydraulic Danais

For new build and home renovation, excellent value for money, patented 4 bracket wall-mounting system, durable and easy to install.

Simple style, exclusive and innovative, the shallow depth design reduces the space required for bathroom heating.

Danais Slim has been designed with space efficiency in mind. The innovative design is both shallow and narrow meaning it can fit in the tightest of spaces. Despite it small size it is available in a range of heights and powers to ensure the right configuration for your needs.

The Danais is made from high quality steel to ensure even heat distribution and avoid surface temperature overheating.

Whether you have a traditional energy heating system (gas, oil ...) or a renewable heating system Hydraulic Danais easily fits your installation.

Quick and easy installation : hydraulic connections at the top, or bottom. 

Gentle and constant heat evenly distributed in the room gives a feeling of optimal comfort.

Hydraulic Danais supplied with a plug, a vent and 4 patented wall-mounting brackets. 

For more information, download our documentation

Innovation: patented wall-mounting brackets

Easy to install, secure and aesthetic!

This innovative solution has been the subject of an internationally patent and has been designed to overcome the technical and aesthetic constraints of existing mounting brackets.

The Néomitis® objective : Significantly reduce the installation time of the towel rails to the wall and strengthening security...

Optional: 2 hangers

Towels and bathrobes pre-heated

- This set of s removable hangers allows you to easily hang both bathrobes and towels. Enjoy a warm and dry towel or bathrobe all the time 

- Quick and easy to install ...


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