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Hydraulic Baltis Grey


Decorative hydraulic towel rails - Hydraulic Baltis

Contemporary style and exclusive single manifold design, ideal for easily hanging bath sheets or towels

Thanks to an exclusive and innovative style, Hydraulic Baltis fits perfectly in the moste luxurious and contemporary bathrooms. The asymmetric profile is ideal for easily hanging bath sheets or towels.

Whether you have a traditional energy heating system (gas, oil…) or a renewable heating system, Hydraulic Baltis easily fits your installation.

Quick and easy installation: hydraulic connections at the bottom.

Gentle and constant heat evenly distributedin the room, gives a feeling of optimal comfort.

Hydraulic Baltis is supplied with a plug, an air vent and four matching-colour wall mounted brackets.



For more information, download our documentation

Optional: 2 hangers

Towels and bathrobes pre-heated

- This set of s removable hangers allows you to easily hang both bathrobes and towels. Enjoy a warm and dry towel or bathrobe all the time 

- Quick and easy to install ...


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