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Dual-fuel kit

Dual-fuel kit with analog controller for hydraulic towel rails

The latest technology for comfort in the bathroom all year round, turn your hydraulic towel rails into an efficient hybrid version : Electric & Hydraulic.

The Neomitis dual-fuel kit allows your towel rail heaters to operate from two energy sources depending on the time of year :

- Hot water : During the winter when your boiler is providing hot water the hydraulic towel rails weill be heated by the central heating supply. 

- Electrical energy, once your central heating system is turned off the dual-fuel Kit system will use electrical heat to warm your bathroom.

This hybrid technology allows you to save energy during the winter by using your existing central heating system but efficiently switch to electric heating during the summer when heating is only required for the bathroom.

+ Simple and neat style, the controller is integrated harmoniously in towel rails design.

+ Quick and easy to install in a new build or in home renovation.

+ Boost 2hr, instant heat for immediate comfort.

+ Energy savings from TPI control

+ Stable and accurate temperature, energy savings.

+ Help for the visually impaired.

+ 2 finishes available: white and grey.

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