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Domestic hot water heat pump

Performance and energy savings, more than enough hot water for the whole family, easy to install, easy to use.

Thanks to stylish, modern and innovative style, Anemho® can be installed in any location.

A performance solution, ecologically and economically, it helps to guarantee domestic hot water at the desired temperature throughout the year and generate energy savings. Using heat pump technology the Anemho® generates hot water using electricity and natural heat from the air.

An Anemho® is easier to install than a conventional boiler as it does not require gas or oil and is significantly more efficient than an immersion boiler. In a new build or renovation project installation of Anemho®, is quick and easy.

+ Comply with BBC (low-energy consumption building) and 2012TR requirements.

+ Significant energy savings reflected in electricity invoice.

+ Off-peak and peak hours management.

+ Automatic or manual electric booster.

+ Room air treatment.

+ Legionella protection.

+ Dual sound and heat insulation of the heat pump.

+ High density insulation of the tank without CFC.

+ Anti-corrosion safety.

+ Double automatic safety frost and defrost.

+ Horizontal handling.

+ Plug and play installation.

Eligibility is according to OFGEM DRHI (domestic renewable heat incentive) :

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