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ANTHEMYS SILVER: Innovation chrome-plated effect painting, thermal comfort optimized, aesthetics and performance preserved.

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Innovation in bathrooms



Chrome-plated effect : Aesthetics and Performance preserved

Always looking to improve the comfort and protection of the user, we continue our approach of the surface temperatures decrease with our new range of products "chrome-plated effect"providing the following benefits : 

> The elegance of the chrome-plated effect integrates harmoniously with the most refined bathrooms. 

> Optimized thermal comfort. 

> Significant reduction in the surface temperature.

> Adjusted sizing:
- The size of the heater is suitable for thermal needs. 
- New Slim version 450 mm in width to adapt to small bathrooms dimensions. 

> The high-quality coating and innovative finish of Anthemys Silver provide it strength and shine, its aesthetics and finish are preserved over time. 

> Certification Class C NF Performance.

> Excellent value for money. 




Patented wall-mounting brackets : easy to install, secure and aesthetic

> Quick and easy installation.

> Double safety: Lock the depth and the entire installation.

> Innovative design: transparency and clean lines.

> High mechanical and physical performance.


Drilling template


> In the template provided, a summary shown recalls the main assembly steps of the legs:

- 1 Installation of 4 patented wall-mounting brackets

- 2 Insertion depth adjustment and orientation of media

- 3 Setting up the towel

- 4 Lock of supports









Sober and curved design

Sober and elegant design, the range Anthemys Silver integrates harmoniously into contemporary bathrooms and curved profile facilitates the hanging of towels.


Comfort of a central heating with hot water without maintenance


Coolant circulation, soft heat is evenly distributed in the room.


Ergonomics and ease of use


Intuitive, controls are digital and easy to use : one key = one function. 

The child safety device is integrated in control, no unintentional changes is possible when the keypad lock is active.






Optional: Infrared remote control


Anthemys Silver has an infrared receiver with remote control (sold separately). 






A complete range and adapted


Three powers, three widths, three heights for a better integration in the bathroom. The adjustment of power favors the optimization of your contract to supply electric energy. 




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