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Slim Aloe

Electric radiators with mineral oil - Slim Aloe

Gentle warmth, excellent value for money, compact and thin for optimised space

Simple style, Slim Aloe fit perfectly into any style of home. The slim version has been designed with space efficiency in mind. It easily fit into the living space, freeing space for your furniture and decorations.

Intuitive and easy to use, controls are placed at mid-height: 2 rotary dial allow to set the setting temperature and the selection of operating mode.

Slim Aloe can be remotely programmable by pilot wire, the right temperature at the right time.



For more information, download our documentation

Innovation : Connectable to Internet !

Thanks to Myneo Link pilot wire version

Make all the devices of the past connectable to Internet and remotely-controllable ! Change standard products into connected devices

Thanks to the pilot wire version of Myneo Link, you can change the whole of heating appliances with 4 or 6-order pilot wire into connected products...

Innovation: automatic lock wall-mounting brackets

Easy to install and secure!

This innovative solution has been the subject of an European patenting and has been designed to overcome the technical constraints of existing wall-mounting brackets.

The Néomitis® objective : reinforce the security of an installation for the installer and the end user while maintaining an hanging time of radiators with reduced wall...


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