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Inthys + EcoSens®

Radiant panel heater - Inthys + EcoSens®

Radiant heat, compact and thin for efficient use of space, performance and energy savings through Pack + with innovative features, and EcoSens® technology with occupancy detection

With a unique, innovative design Inthys + EcoSens® fits perfectly in all styles of home. Rounded corners, soft outlines ; the Inthys is an ideal heating source or its own or a perfect complement to your existing radiators. 

The vertical version has been specially designed for space constrained applications. Inthys + EcoSens® easily fits into the living room, freeing space for your furniture and decorations. 

Intuitive controls with a white backlit display means that the program is easy to set and the temperature is easy to read.

The child anti-tamper is built into all Neomitis heaters with control lock to prevent un-intentional changes in set point.

The Pack + features includes a power consumption gauge, opened window detection, 7 day and daily program, setting temperature limit, PIN code lock.

EcoSens® technology incorporates state of the art PIR detection to automatically sense room by room occupation. Un-occupied rooms will automatically reduce their temperature to save energy, but fast response rates means that as soon as the room becomes occupied comfort can be achieved quickly.

In new build or renovation, Inthys + EcoSens® is recommended for both private and rented accommodation.

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Innovation: Pack +

Performance and energy savings

The Energy Saving Trust organisation (EST) recommends an adjustment of the setting temperature control down by 1°C to save up to 10% of your energy bill. 

> Thanks to its automatic selector, the heater indicates the level of energy consumption by positioning itself in front of a color : red, orange or green...

Innovation: EcoSens® Technology

The device fits your lifestyle thanks to occupancy detection

With the EcoSens® Technology, get the comfort of an intelligent central heating which :

> Ensures savings on your energy bill : an automatic lowering of the temperature avoid you an unnecessary heating in unoccupied rooms, stop waste.

> Adapts to your lifestyle : heat the room when necessary, the right temperature at the right time...

Innovation: Interactive vocal instructions

Neomitis assists you step by step in using your device

Virtual user guide for controlling your heater. 

> Ergonomic and intuitive, interactive instructions Néomitis® guides you step by step in the use of your device.

> Visual and vocal guide to adjust his device in the same time as the demonstration on screen.

> Compatible with PC, tablet, smartphone, accessible anywhere, anytime....


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